Today’s rapid development in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries requires a challenging career for technical and industrial developments and a capable company affiliated to best well known producer in the world.
Atlas Energy Tec represents 15 years of experience and specialist knowledge in Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, Fire & Gas Detection Systems, Electronic Surveillance & Telecommunication in below sectors within Iran.

•  Oil, gas, petrochemical and chemical plants
•  Power plants
•  Steel, copper and cement industries
•  Commercial enterprises

Our Abilities And Key Skills In Industrial Projects Are As Follow:
1.  Pre – Feasibility Study & Feasibility Study
2.  Basic & Detailed Design And Engineering
3.  Technical Consulting
4.  Preparations Of Tender Documents, Technical Specification And Bid Evaluation
5.  Procurement, Foreign And Local
6.  Erection , Commissioning & Start Up
7.  Maintenance And Operation
8.  Supervision On Erection And Commissioning
9.  Project Management.
10.  Time , Cost & Risk Management
11.  Collaborating With Legal And Financial Consultant

atlas energy tec
atlas energy tec